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Video by Adam Young

While out on tour with my band Authority Zero in England this past spring I was fortunate enough to meet up with my new friend Adam Spencer Young and his crew. I had met Adam through an old and dear friend of mine Jonathan Allen Vishnevsky while on the previous European Tour. Adam and his crew had done some interviews and band photos for Authority Zero the day we played the UK festival Resurrection Fest the prior year. Upon returning to Europe, John had mentioned that Adam and crew would be out again this time around and was more than happy and willing to shoot some footage of Authority Zero at our show. He also mentioned that he would like to take me aside and shoot a video for my solo project Conviction (The Smoke House Sessions) and/or Conviction Volume 2 (The Crooked Path). At the time we had been on a ten day straight run and was beat up, but jumped at the opportunity after load in. We spent the day in the streets of Birmingham England as well as his apartment and filming a track off of Conviction Volume 2 called "Hey Kid". As mentioned, we had been on the road for some time at this point and there was a "uniqueness" to my voice. Due to of this we decided to record live audio rather than going the traditional route of overdubbing the recorded version to keep it raw and real. Just before shooting the end scenes with the crowd behind me toward the end, Adam had gone into the venue and pulled out some kids from the audience for that evenings show to be in the final shots. Minutes later I ran inside and jumped on stage for my set with Authority Zero. So here it is...live, unplugged, mistakes and all. Just the way is should be....thanks for watching and I hope you enjoy it.

-Jason DeVore